Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Olympus E-M5 - the best ever

It's official: the new Olympus E-M5 is the best MILC (mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera) ever made! Read the trustworthy review at Dpreview and be impressed. The E-M5 is even considered by some to be better than the Fuji X-Pro1, taking into account the cost/quality balance.

I still don't like the design of the camera. Making a mirrorless camera look like a reflex is pushing the retro look a bit too much, at least for my taste. But I am certainly impressed with all the excellent reviews this camera has been getting.

In a related note, Giulio Sciorio, an American commercial photographer, posted recently about why there should be no shame in using a little Micro 4/3 camera for professional work. Read here (via 43rumors.com ).


Markus Spring said...

Frank, since the beginning of 2012 I use a Panasonic G3 and am really astonished about the image quality, which is in most cases a lot better than from my 5 years old DSLR. And when the E-M5 tests show a further improvement, there is less and less reason to carry the bulk of a traditional camera.

Regarding the E-M5's design, I fully agree with you. If there is a technical reason for a prism dome, so be it, but just for design reasons? For the viewfinder I would prefer the classic Leica position (which is also used by the NEX cameras), freeing the sensor of the imprints of my nose. But maybe Olympus will offer the same sensor and technology in a PEN-style camera body. Then I would be tempted...

Frank M. said...

Like you, I find the "Leica style" viewfinder position to be the best for a camera. By the way, rumors say that there will be a "pro-PEN" soon. If it has an integrated viewfinder, it should be in the proper position.