Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh my god! Oh my god! It's the new Fuji X1!

The "semi-official" specs for the new Fuji X1 (or Fuji X-PRO 1, as they call it) are out. Read all about it here. It is a compact interchangeable lens camera with an APS-C sensor and hybrid viewfinder.
And man is that a sweet looking little thing!

UPDATE: Is Olympus about to launch an also classic looking compact camera, with an incorporated EVF? Read here.


Carlos M. Silva said...

Oh Frank!
You had frightened me.
For moments i thought you could be in labor!
Sure you are. On a couple of lens!
Don't! Do it again, Frank (Sam).
Carlos M. Silva

é salutar ver-te assim ..nas nuvens!

Markus said...

Thanks for the link. This camera for sure sounds interesting, especially as I am (almost) willing to buy into another system, the old DSLR becoming defunct and being really heavy for an always-with-me camera. The only information I am missing is about image stabilisation, a feature I am regarding as indispensable for my kind of imaging.

Frank M. said...

Filisteu! Desdenhas da beleza!
As lágrimas nos meus olhos não são de dores de parto, mas sim de comoção com a elegância deste objeto.

Frank M. said...

I am also quite a fan of in-sensor image stabilization. But I don't think the X1 has it though, as the X110 also didn't.
But the fast lenses combined with good high ISO performance might make it unnecessary, don't you think?

Markus said...

Frank, of course it gets obsolete in a certain sense, when high ISOs are good enough. And for this reason in the end I decided in favor of the Panasonic G3. The image quality up to ISO 1600 should be more than good enough, and the available primes are small and fast. At least the 20mm Panasonic has In-Lens stabilisation. And - I got a real gem for it, an old Pentax-M 2,0/85 for a ridiculous price. So fine bokeh should be within reach even with that smaller sensor than my A700's.