Thursday, September 29, 2011


Olympus E-P2 + Panasonic Lumix 20/1.7


Markus Spring said...

Fine, the fine crack.

This ranks highest I like in photography (and photographers): Emphasizing such seemingly mundane things and making the beholder hold still for a moment and contemplate.

Frank M. said...

Thanks for your comment Markus. I particularly like the fact that the crack is not immediately visible, despite being the main subject in this image.

Markus Spring said...

Maybe this our preference has to do with the overly loud visual impressions we are daily bombed with - steampunk photography immediately comes to mind, but also those many extreme wideangle or those visibly oversaturated calendar landscapes that are thrown at us to make us open our wallets.
This mechanisms seem to work on a broader scale, otherwise magazines, agencies and publishers would have stopped it.

Tyler said...

Perfect—except I would exclude the object on the far right (piece of overhanging roof?). For me, it distracts without any redeeming value.

Of course you could remove it in Photoshop, but easier might be to just crop the picture. If you wanted to keep the square format, you can resize the cropped picture without an distortion that would be apparent to the viewer.

My two cents.

Frank M. said...

Hey! I don't remove stuff in Photoshop!
Anyway, that roof is indeed a bit intrusive. But It does not bother me that much, and I didn't like the result when I cropped it out. Maybe because I remember the original scene and so it seems natural to me that roof is there.