Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The beginning of my Expressionist phase

Just last week I commented on being a bit sceptical about the photographic potential of my new Wanderlust pinhole cap. I did another experiment this weekend. Resisting the idea of carrying a tripod, I kept sensitivity at ISO 3200, to avoid too much camera shake. For "normal" photography the E-P2 is pretty much unusable at this high ISO, but pinhole photography is all about discovering the "beauty" (yeah, lets call it that) of images created with "low-tech" systems.  So I figured the otherwise demential amount of noise was actually appropriate in this context.

In Silkypix, I converted the images to b&w and adjusted the tone curve. The heavy vignetting was actually quite fitting for square format. I find the results quite amusing. Silent horror movie classics from the German Expressionism era (1920s and 1930s) come to mind. These could be frames taken from Murnau's Nosferatu or Dreyer's Vampyr!

Olympus E-P2 + Wanderlust Pinwide

This is all a bit gratuitous, and one can get tired really fast of this nightmarish imagery. But the fun I had processing these images has made the $39.99 I paid for the cap worthwhile.

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