Friday, July 30, 2010

What's in a square?

I have been trying to justify (to myself and to others) my current fixation with the square format. That's when I found a post on George Barr's blog titled The delights of the square format. Let me quote a particularly interesting (and polemical?) sentence:

"That it isn't a horizontal rectangle actually takes away from the sense of a window onto the world and instead suggests that it is a created object - it clearly isn't a post card."

I couldn't have said it better myself...


Tyler said...

So, should we all send George a square postcard...of a square window?

His statement makes no sense to me.

And why do you have to justify anything you do, to others or yourself?

Just do whatever you want; there are no rules, nor any right way or wrong way.

Frank M. said...

Well, that's just my chronic lack of self-confidence. A quote from someone else always makes me feel a bit more secure :)
But I actually agree with George. The square frame is more "unnatural" than the rectangular formats, as it departs from the "two-eyed" horizontal human vision. The image becomes more dependent on the composition. Which can be either a strength or a pitfall, depending on the photographer's capabilities.