Tuesday, May 4, 2010


One annoying thing about the E-P2's design is the way the main dial on the back can be easily pressed and rotated while carrying the camera. I've already inadvertently changed aperture, ISO number and white balance. Sometimes I fail to notice it and I take a number of shots with the wrong settings. This is more of a problem with a pancake lens mounted, since then I have to hold the camera by the side grip and my thumb accidentally falls on the dial. With a larger lens I tend to carry the camera holding the lens barrel. That's where the center of gravity is located, even if the lens is not too long, because the camera body is so light. But even in this case I have accidentally changed some settings.

Changing subject, have you ever noticed how the "shadow" white balance setting works quite well on some open daylight shots, lending a pleasing warm light to the scene? I realized that... hmmm... accidentally.

Olympus E-P2 + Zeiss Sonnar 135/2.8 + extension tube


Tyler Monson said...

Actually, I have that same complaint about the Pentax K10/20. The mode dial often rotates when I'm putting the camera away in my shoulder bag, or pulling it out.

Notice that the K7 has a button lock to prevent just this.


Frank M. said...

Quite true, Tyler. But that dial on the K10/20 only controls the focus mode. Since I'm using only manual focusing lenses, changing that setting does not bother me.
The problem is a dial that can change almost everything! Just last weekend I took all my photos at ISO 800, when I thought I was using auto ISO!