Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The new Pentax K-7

No, I will not post rumors/leak photos/comments/wish lists/speculations on the new DSLR camera that Pentax will be releasing in May.

Instead, I'll take my K10D (which does not do video, does not have Live View, does not have 100% viewfinder, is not compact, does not have good high ISO performance, does not have built-in GPS, does not have a large display, only does 3 fps and only has a 10M cropped sensor) and spend some time taking photos. Yes, despite all its limitations, the K10D does take photos. And some good ones too!


Larseric Fjellman said...

Yes, the K10 does take photos. In my experience, it´s the lens, not the pixels that sets the limits.
Larseric Fjellman, Sweden

Frank M. said...

I agree entirely, Larseric. Actually, I will more readily spend more than 1000 € on a good lens than on a camera body. That's one of the reasons why I got the K10D!

Tyler Monson said...

Oops! I just took delivery today on a new K20; couldn't resist the price (670 USD), it has everything I could want, and Carl Weese told me I should.

Then I bought the new DA15 lens, because I told me I should.

Giving the K10 a rest after 16,000+ exposures, and sending the DA21 back for repairs.

Frank M. said...

670 USD, that's 508 EUR!!!
But... it doesn't do video! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather spend my money on a good lens or external flash than purchasing a new body. I know people who keep buying the newest nikon camera and then they sit there annoyed that they don't get images with as much detail as I do with my 35mm ltd or Sigma 18-50 f2.8. They never buy a new lens. Still using the kit lens they got with their first camera, and when they want to improve their work, they get a new camera. I can't help but think what kind of awesome lenses they could be sitting with if they just continued to use their current body.