Monday, January 5, 2009

The proud few

Even though I like to state that my photos are taken with a Pentax K10D, this blog is not focused on Pentax users. The photos I present here could obviously have been obtained using other camera/lens combinations, with equivalent results. People often don't realize that a photo is much more the product of the photographer's "eye" than of the equipment used.

The reason why many of my "Interesting blogs" suggestions, on the right frame, are Pentax-related has to do, firstly, with my belief that these are actually interesting in terms of photographic work and technique and, secondly, with my humble attempt to promote the cyber-community of photographers who have chosen this "alternative" brand.

I think many Pentax DSLR users, myself included, have a secret pride in "being different" from the vast majority of photographers (amateur or otherwise) who use cameras from the "big two" brands. In a recent post on his very active and information-rich blog ("Pentax DSLRs"), Yvon Bourque showed an image he has composed and that very nicely portrays this feeling:

Click here to see Yvon's original post.

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